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Friendly garage local to Stonehaven

We offer great suspension and brake maintenance that complement your tyres for enhanced reliability, safety and performance of your vehicles. We also specialise in underbody restoration and preservation. We all know hom much rust can be the demise of your well loved clasic. We can get the underside of your vehicle looking good as new. Our 4 step process includes a full pressure wash of the underside of the vehicle. After that we descale the car and removed all loose underseal patches then apply rust converter to the whole underside. Once dry we aply primer to all areas on the body that require further protection. Finaly we apply a coat of underseal of your choice. All in all a protection that will last years to come. Call us on 07508289477 for tyre fitting, welding, undersealing, puncture repairs, T.P.M.S servicing and mot repairs.

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